About Mona Paper

Mona Paper was dreamed up on rainy days in coffeeshops and cozy nights at home. We want to celebrate your good times & tell silly jokes. Your cards are lovingly illustrated, assembled, and shipped by the one-woman-wonder Samia Ahmed. 💌

A friend recently asked me, why do people send cards? It was such a foundational question, I was surprised I hadn’t already answered it for myself. For some people, finding the perfect card deepens an already articulate friendship, filled with inside jokes and never-ending video chats. For other relationships, a card is a token of sentiments that might otherwise go unspoken. In trying times, a card’s arrival in the mail is a reminder that yes, you matter. Your community is thinking of you.  

About Samia Ahmed
Owner Samia Ahmed is an award-winning illustrator and designer with over 7 years experience in brand & retail. Her illustrations have been featured in The Boston Globe and Pinterest. As a lover of physical goods, Samia has consulted for retailers such as Restoration Hardware and One Kings Lane.
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